Carry your amp in your pocket...

Vox's new “plug-in” amp allows users to practice or warm up without the need for a full size amp, but still get that big amp sound.

The amPlug™ is a palm-sized, battery powered headphone guitar amp that you can plug directly into your guitar jack. It costs £35 and is available in three different sound styles - the AC30, for signature VOX AC30 top boost tone; the Classic Rock, which delivers the sound of a “classic” British 100-Watt head; and the amPlug Metal, which is based on a high-gain amp head that delivers metal high-gain tone. It looks like a mini VOX amp, complete with a simulation of the classic Vox black vinyl covering and the famous VOX diamond grill cloth.

They work using analog modeling technology to reproduce the complex and warm distortion distinctive of a vacuum tube, as well as the powerful high gain produced by a large amp stack despite its ultra-compact size. It also features an AUX input jack so you can jam along with a CD/MP3 player. Just connect amPlug to your guitar and enjoy serious sound! Full information at