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Total Guitar Evolution T-Shirt, £10.00

Total guitar evolution t shirt

Total guitar evolution t-shirt

The original and the best, designed by our very own highly evolved in-house Art Editor, John 'Crayons' Blackshaw. Demonstrate the evolution of the guitar player while on the move - it's a 100 per cent guaranteed-infallible theory, as proven by science. Probably.

Levy's Leathers Total Guitar strap, £17.99

levy s leathers total guitar branded strap

levy's leathers total guitar branded strap

This unique version of the Levy's Leathers DM1 2½-inch guitar strap has been specially produced by Levy's Leathers to include the Total Guitar logo. The DM1 is made from high-quality genuine leather and features suede backing and decorative double stitch. Adjustable from 38 inches to 53 inches.

Total Guitar Gigbag, £19.99

Total guitar branded gig bag

Total guitar branded gig bag

Exclusively available from MyFavouriteMagazines, this high-quality electric guitar gigbag features half-inch foam padding and headliner lining, plus a shoulder strap and an accessory pocket printed with the Total Guitar logo.

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