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Boss pedal mouse: First look

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Boss DS-1 compact pedal mouse above

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Boss DS-1 compact pedal mouse side

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Boss DS-1 compact pedal mouse below

The chaps from Roland UK sent us over this rather splendid Boss pedal mouse to help us maintain our guitar focus when undertaking our important computing tasks.

As you can see, it's based on Boss's perennially popular DS-1 distortion pedal, with the 'Tone' and 'Dist' knobs operating as the left and right mouse buttons. There's also a scroll wheel on the side and the 'check' L.E.D. lights up when it's plugged in!

Unfortunately it doesn't work as an actual distortion pedal, but that's probably a good thing, because it's made out of plastic and it would be crumpled by our huge ROCK feet.

If you feel like this is the kind of thing you just can't live without, you can pick one up from the Roland site.

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