Aluminium Guitars - The Sound Of The Future?

Traditional wooden guitars have long held centre stage for their quality both in terms of acoustics and sustain...
But now a musical instrument maker from the Royal College of Art in London is striking up a new chord in guitar design - with guitars made out of aluminium.

Peter Longfellow is Metalwork Technician at the RCA and a musician with a passion for creating instruments out of metal. His hollow-bodied aluminium guitars with cast aluminium necks have been made as a result of years of research and development.

‘The sound is equal to quality wooden guitars with the added benefit of an innovative form,´ enthuses Longfellow. ‘These are instruments that are not only great to play, they're fantastic to hold and to look at.´

Peter Longfellow will be exhibiting two of his aluminium guitars in the Hidden exhibition at the Royal College of Art galleries until October 25th, which showcases creative work by College staff.