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A KISS For Valentine’s Day… And A New Bass Guitar!

TG reckons that you are all beginning to sweat about the

impending Valentine´s Day celebrations and we sympathise. As the years go by,

it gets harder and harder to find a way to truly express your feelings without

resorting to cookie cutter Hallmark cards and schmaltzy soft toys with “WUV U”

tattooed across their furry bellies.

Thank THE LORD then for KISS and Live Nation, who have
teamed up to solve all of our problems with this totally selfless Valentine´s
Day gesture. We think you´ll agree that (to paraphrase ‘Family Guy´), “With a
KISS e-card, she´ll pretty much have to…”

Check it out here (we recommend you put the volume up): The KISS Valentine's E-Card

Finally, fans of the band should also enjoy the new Gene Simmons of KISS Limited Edition Cort GS-Axe-2 bass guitar, displayed below. The new signature four-string will retail at around £500 and will come complete with a specially designed gigbag.