10 Things You Can Learn In This Month's Total Guitar

TG190 is on sale in newsagents now - here's 10 things you will learn by grabbing yourself a copy!

1. The difference between thin, medium and thick plectrums, and when to use them (one of each comes FREE with the mag!)

2. How to play Green Day´s new single ‘Know Your Enemy´

3. How to get Fightstar´s massive live sound

4. How to properly use an overdrive pedal

5. How to understand and apply the notes of the major scale

6. How to squeal like Zakk Wylde!

7. How to play along with a metronome

8. How to establish a groove for your solos

9. Essential tips on how to prepare for your band´s first gig

10. How to chug like James Hetfield!

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