Will Hunt picks his three favourite Evanescence tracks



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Evanescence have just finished blazing a trail across the UK with a slew of sold-out dates. Ahead of the band's Birmingham show we sat down with drummer Will Hunt and asked him the simple question, which songs can't you wait to get to in the set each night?

'Made Of Stone'

"I really love playing 'Made of Stone', that song is bad ass to play. That song started off as something completely different and became something very heavy, dark and mean sounding."

'Never Go Back'

"I really love playing 'Never Go Back', that's song is a bruiser, it's kick ass and real up tempo. That's a tune where Amy [Lee, vocals] and Tim [McCord, bass] went to go eat and Terry [Balsamo, guitar] and I hung back and when they got back we had the bulk of that song sussed out. It's one of the heavier and certainly one of the more up-tempo songs on the record."

'Going Under'

"I still like playing the older stuff to. I like playing the second song in our set ['Going Under']."

Evanescence's new self-titled album is out now.

Rich Chamberlain

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