Vinny Appice talks Heaven and Hell's future and Dio



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The remaining members of Heaven and Hell have no concrete plans for the future just yet, Vinny Appice has revealed.

Vinny told Sea of Tranquility that he, Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler have been in touch such the passing of legendary vocalist Ronnie James Dio, but no decisions have been made about the musical future of the trio.

The drummer also spoke about his relationship with Dio, saying: "He became my bandmate, but also more importantly a brother, leader and a best friend.

"We had many things in common, most of all the desire to play on '11' each night and kick each others butt onstage. I really miss being around him and it feels like we are going to start rehearsing soon and he will be there."

Last week, Wendy Dio called on Appice, Butler and Iommi to continue working together, but under a different name.

Rich Chamberlain

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