Video: Stick It To MS Time Lapse Clip



© Alicia Clarke/moodboard/Corbis

What happens when you get the best part of 600 drummers together in one room? Well, they make an almighty noise and they raise a hefty amount for charity.

Last year, 582 drummers descended on the NIA in Birmingham and smashed the record for the largest amount of sticksmen playing at the same time in the same place. Now, those behind the event, which raised more than £66,000 for charity, have put together this awesome time lapse clip of the whole thing.

But what's this? It seems that our friends from across the Atlantic are attempting to break the record later this month.

Woodstick 2010 will see reams of drummers try to reclaim the record for the Americans, with Kenny Aronoff, Steve 'Drummer At The Wrong Gig' Moore and Thomas Pridgen among those that will be getting behind the kit.

Will they do it? Or will the Brits hang on to the title? Keep your eyes peeled on this site to find out.

Rich Chamberlain

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