Video: Jake Brown and Ash Soan clinic clips



© fstop/Corbis

We were recently treated to an evening of drum mastery in Manchester courtesy of Benny Greb during the technical wizard's UK session tour.

But it wasn't just Benny that busted out some jaw-dropping skills. Benny came with two hugely impressive supports in tow.

First up was Jake Brown. The youngster has become a familiar face on the UK drumming scene during the last year or two. Take a look at his solo (featuring a gorgeous Matt Nolan gong) to see just why he's becoming more and more prominent on the circuit.

And directly before Mr Greb, Ash Soan (whose ever-growing CV includes the likes of Robbie Williams and James Morrison) gave us a completely different, yet every bit as impressive, demo. Check out a clip below.

Rich Chamberlain

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