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VIDEO: Guide to Remote Session Drumming (part 3)

In the latest issue of Rhythm we present the final installment of our series explaining everything you need to know about setting yourself up as a remote session drummer. With improvements in technology and a reduction in the number of studios booking real drummers, a lot of session drummers are taking things into their own hands by setting up studio spaces and building a healthy online client base.

In this part, we look at one of the most important part of any session drummer's life - the music. Ralph Salmins, Russ Miller and Cliff Jones help James Hester uncover the key skills required to deliver a killer drum track that serves the music and keeps your client happy!

Take a look at part one and two of the accompanying videos below. Part three of the feature appears in the Summer issue of Rhythm...

Chris Barnes

I'm MusicRadar's eCommerce/Deals Editor, I play drums (and guitar, badly) and I've worked in the music gear industry for 16 years. I manage all buyer's guides on the site and it's my sole purpose to help musicians find the right gear and the best prices.