Stix Zadinia: New Steel Panther album will 'rock your balls off'

Steel panther

Steel panther

Just before he tore up the Ozzfest stage with hair metal revivalists Steel Panther at the weekend, we caught up with Stix Zadinia to get the inside word on how the band's second album is coming along.

The Panther boys have been ridiculously busy since their debut album dropped just over a year ago, and Stix revealed that the new record is being laid down around their jam-packed schedule (which is presumably crammed full of gigs, parties and hair appointments).

"Right now we're recording our second record. Because we gig so much we're doing it in five song sections," the tatt-heavy hard rocker told us. "We're just wrapping up the first five and starting pre-production shortly for the second five and then in another six weeks we'll do the third five."

Those worried that a year on the road would lead to a more mature Steel Panther record need not fret if the proposed album titles for the follow-up to Feel The Steel are anything to go by…

"We have a couple of tentative titles. The first is Sloppy Seconds, which if you know anything about our band you know would be suitable. The other tentative title we're thinking about is Smells Like Number Two. Either way the album is going to rock your balls off."

Rich Chamberlain

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