Steven Adler talks UK tour and Adler's Appetite album



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Steven Adler has been blitzing the UK over the last week or so with his band Adler's Appetite. We caught up with the original Gunner ahead of tonight's tour-ending show in London.

Steven filled us in on the latest incarnation of his band. "We're not really a new band, but the guys I have playing right now are new. We have three new singles out, they're on iTunes."

With singles 'Fading', 'Stardog' and 'Alive' available now, the band are hoping to have an album ready ahead of a return to the UK in the summer.

He said: "We're going home Tuesday and by Friday we'll be back in the studio. We want to have something by May or June so when we come back to Europe and the UK we want to have a whole record.

"I'd like to do is come home to a record deal and have someone like Bob Rock or Mutt Lange, one of the big boys. Someone I know who won't put anything out that isn't great. I would like that kind of hard work. You always her stories of Def Leppard or AC/DC in the studio and they worked their asses off. Maybe 20 years ago I didn't have the patience for it, but now I have the patience for it and I'd love that hard work."

When it comes to hard work on the road, it seems that this latest European run has had enough high points to make the graft worthwhile.

Steven explained: "The tour has been wonderful. Every show has been sold out and we're looking forward to coming back in either May or June. We'll do bigger places."

Adler's Appetite conclude their UK tour tonight at London Underworld.

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