Roy Mayorga: 'Everyone wins' with package tours

Stone sour

Stone sour

Stone Sour drummer Roy Mayorga told the NY Hard Rock Music Examiner that bands teaming up for multi-act tours are become more and more important in this dark economic times. So, you may be penniless and unemployed, but at least a ton of cool tours will be heading through your town.

He said: "I just think the package tours just seem to work better these days, just with the state of the music industry and the economy, it just gives people more for the money and a really good time.

"I think it's a really good thing for these tours like [Rockstar Energy Drink] Mayhem, and Uproar and Avalanche, package tours are the way to go, everyone wins."

Stone Sour are currently out on the Avalanche tour alongside Theory Of A Dead Man, Halestorm and more.

For more from Roy order yourself a copy of Rhythm 187, which features a nine-page cover feature with the Stone Sour man.

Rich Chamberlain

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