Ronnie Vannucci – coming to a coffee shop near you?



© Sayre Berman/Corbis

Ronnie Vannucci has been taking some advice from his Killers bandmates, and could add some low-key dates into the pot when touring his Big Talk solo album.

The drummer told that Killers frontman Brandon Flowers had some sage words on promoting the record.

"Brandon said I should go and play some coffee houses or unannounced gigs and I haven't done that yet but I'm going to," Ronnie said.

He also let slip that Brandon and co had given their thoughts on Ronnie's work while writing and record Big Talk.

He added: "We share a studio so we'd see each other or I'd send them demos and I'm like 'What do you think? I'm at a crossroads, What do you think of this b-section. So yeah we showed each other stuff."

Rich Chamberlain

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