Roger Taylor: Queen Scrabble sessions 'got too serious'



© Jens Kalaene/dpa/Corbis

It's the mid '70s. An era of excess. You're backstage at a stadium show of one of the world's biggest rock bands. What debauched behaviour lays ahead of you? Well, if said band were Queen, it seems it may not have been quite exciting as you may think.

Roger Taylor has told Q that the rock legends loved kicking back with a nice game of Scrabble backstage.

He said: "Fred and I used to love Scrabble. We all played, but it got a bit too serious so that the other two would drop out, Freddie was brilliant because he could score more with fewer tiles. I was pretty much his match, I think."

We know what you're thinking, which member of Queen got the most impressive ever word during one of these Scrabble sessions? Ok, that's not what we were thinking either, but Roger has the answer.

He added: "Brian got the most points I have I've ever seen with one word, which was 168. Can I remember what that word was? Yes, Lacquers. Q on the triple, all seven letters, triple word. Work it out."

We'll trust Roger's mathematical skills there rather than test our own. So, Queen love Scrabble. What next, AC/DC playing Buckaroo? Aerosmith indulging in a friendly game of Jenga? Motley Crue refusing to go onstage until they've finished their game of Kerplunk?

Rich Chamberlain

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