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Rhythm's Top Ten Tips: Depping (part 2)

If you liked last Monday's tips on Depping, here's ten more for those testing 'One-night stands'…

1. Deputising for a fellow drummer is a great way to make a new contact, but there are questions of etiquette to be aware of…

2. Get a map printed off the Internet and arrive well early - they´ll all be fretting you´re not going to turn up.

3. Be confident but not cocky on arrival. Put everyone at ease.

4. Dress appropriately. Some function bands even still wear penguin suits. You don´t want to look out of place. Find out in advance!

5. Don´t turn up with a massively oversized kit. You´ll be crowding/overshadowing the egotistical Guitarist/Singer.

6. And what´s more you´ll take too long setting up and getting in and out.

7. Always play your best - even if the gig sucks. You´re being paid to be professional so be positive and get something out of it.

8. Be sure to get the names and contact numbers of any members you bond with particularly well.

9. And make sure they have yours. Another gig might turn up. Or the bass player might have another band and want you to join.

10. Equally, you might need a bass player one time. Networking is how most people survive in the music business.