Rhythm's Top five drum clips of 2010



© Ray McMahon/Corbis

When we're not chasing drum news, checking out the latest gear or chatting with drum heroes, we spend a fair amount of time gawping at funny videos on YouTube (it's a tough job, we know). This leaves us fairly well-placed to deliver to you this yuletide gift - our favourite drum videos that we've stumbled upon this year. Enjoy!

Mike and Max Portnoy

An amazing father and son effort - looks like Max Portnoy is shaping up nicely to follow in his dad's footsteps.

Go Go Maniac Girl

Here's one talented schoolgirl. How amazing are these skills? And her choice of footwear somehow makes it all the more impressive.

Drummer at the wrong gig

The classic. The video that launched a million emails (most of which seemingly were directly to our inbox). Steve Moore is a genius.

Travis Barker solo

Travis Barker burst back with Blink-182 this summer, and he returned with this killer new solo.

Lars Ulrich gets a mouth full of beach ball

Lars. Beach ball. Whack. Brilliant.

Rich Chamberlain

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