Rhythm Hot Band: Sam Duckworth



Band: Sam Duckworth

Drummer: Andy Theakstone

Who are they? Singer of Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. creates great tracks as part of his side-project.

Sound like: Harmony-packed laid back tunes from Get Cape mainman and co

Why should you check them out: Duckworth includes inspiring lyrics within each track and takes the opportunity to use his friends Jay Malhotra, Andy Theakstone and Jamie Allen, to create something magical. These chilled out but effective songs tell each tale through Duckworth's calm vocal delivery.

'The Mannequin' is full of harmonies, captivating vocal melodies and simple, but charming lyrical content. Variations from both Theakstone and Allen combine to make beautiful musical arrangements. Each song conveys a wistful, reflective, nature which makes you feel at ease and you find yourself lost among each poetic lyric and comforting guitar riff, encouraging imagery to bombard your mind.

Go to: www.samduckworth.co.uk

Download: 'The Mannequin'