Rhythm Hot Band: Earthtone9



Band: Earthone9

Drummer: Simon Hutchby

Who are they? Nottingham metallers back after far too long away.

Sounds like: What real metal bands were doing at the turn of the Millennium while the whole world fell in (and subsequently out of) love with nu-metal.

Why should you check then out? Because they sound every bit as relevant and undeniably awesome now as they did when they first burst onto the metal scene more than a decade ago.

One listen to their new career-retrospective Inside Embers Glow - and drummer Simon Hutchby's beastly skin bashing - proves just that. There's hints of Machine Head, Tool, Faith No More and a shedload more throughout the album, but somehow Earthtone9 still manage to come out sounding like no other band on the planet. Oh, and did we mention that they're giving away their album for free? We'll have a bit of that, thank you very much.

Go to: www.earthtone9.co.uk

Download: The whole album!

Rich Chamberlain

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