Rhythm Hot Band: Black Crowes

Black crowes

Black crowes

Band: Black Crowes

Drummer: Steve Gorman

Who are they? Seasoned southern rockers always keen to do things their own way.

Sounds like: Notorious blues-tinged rockers delivering album after album of spaced-out jam classics.

Why should you check them out? Because they won't be around for much longer. The Crowes have just released two-disc acoustic anthology Croweology and after a US tour will be putting themselves on hiatus, which you can read more about in our interview with drummer Steve Gorman.

Croweology is a perfect introduction to the band for newbies, with stripped-down renditions of familiar favourites filling the double-disc set. But, for those keen to get a real insight into Gorman and the Crowes, you'll have to dig back into their wealth of seminal albums - Shake Your Money Maker and By Your Side are particular Rhythm favourites.

Go to: www.blackcrowes.com

Download: 'Hard To Handle'

For more from the Black Crowes, pick up the September issue of Rhythm, on sale 31 August.

Rich Chamberlain

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