Rhythm at Download: Day Two



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09:00 - Up bright and early after an interesting night's sleep (NB: if you ever planning a camping trip try to avoid pitching your tent directly beneath the flightpath of a major airport) and we're ready for another day of awesome tunes and drum heroes. Bring it on!

11:00 - First up for us are Vegas party metallers Taking Dawn. We've seen the boys a few times this year and always came away thinking they'd completely kill it on a bigger stage, and here they do exactly that. Given the task of waking up tens of thousands of rockers still weary after last night's aural assault from AC/DC, Alan Duchette and co duly deliver. A great start to the day.

12:00 - So, how do you follow that up? How about some groove metal Texas style? Vinnie Paul's Hellyeah swagger their way through an all-too-short 25 minute set, with opener 'Hell Yeah' a definite highlight of the weekend so far.

12:45 - Time for a quick dash backstage to chat with Halestorm drummer Arejay. He tells us all about the awesome tour the band are heading out on later this year which will see them share the main stage with Avenged Sevenfold, Stone Sour and Disturbed. Unfortunately that's one for US fans only.

14:00 - We head down to the Pepsi Max Stage to catch the ridiculously over-the-top Reckless Love, who are armed with a set of ridiculously catchy 80s pop metal tunes. Highkicks, leather strides and a frontman that looks like the lovechild of Vince Neil and Dave Lee Roth equals a party at the Pepsi Max Stage.

14:30 - We take the party with us from the Pepsi Max Stage as we catch up with the larger-than-life Vinnie Paul and Shawn Drover. Keep your eyes peeled on this very website for interviews with both in the near future.

15:45 - Thought Reckless Love were the most ridiculous band of the day? Meet Rock Sugar. Basically a covers band playing two songs at once, hence mash ups of Journey's 'Don't Stop Believin' and Metallica classic 'Enter Sandman'.

16:00 - Meanwhile, Chris Adler's Lamb of God are tearing up the Main Stage. Adler is on top form throughout, with 'Redneck' a particular highlight.

Keep checking our Twitter page for all of the latest updates, we're off now to catch some more metal heroes!

Rich Chamberlain

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