Pearl Jam album coming this year?



It looks like there's a busy few months ahead for Matt Cameron, as in this month's Rhythm cover interview the drummer reveals that 2012 will see tours and studio session with both Soundgarden and Pearl Jam.

Cameron explains the pitfalls of being in both bands: "The Pearl Jam management and Soundgarden management are always in contact so there haven't been any clashes. I've had to put the brakes on some touring opportunities just because I wouldn't have enough time to regroup.

"I have a family and I don't want to be on the road all the time. We're trying to go eight months to a year in advance just trying to make sure that nothing clashes. The remainder of this year is going to be really tight.

"I'm finishing a Pearl Jam record and then supporting the new Soundgarden record from November. But, I feel really good about both records and I really do want to support them and get them out there."

For more from Matt pick up the latest issue of Rhythm.

Rich Chamberlain

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