Nicko McBrain: Final Frontier 'ain't gonna be last Maiden record'

Iron maiden

Iron maiden

© Jody Cortes/Sygma/Corbis

The rumour mill may be spewing out stories that Iron Maiden are about to call it a day, but no one seems to have told Nicko McBrain about his seemingly impending retirement.

In an interview with our sister title Metal Hammer, Nicko rebuffed suggestions that new record The Final Frontier would be the band's, er…final frontier.

He said: "No, it ain't gonna be the last record. Not as far as I'm concerned. The general feeling is that is if we want to make another record, we will. You can never say never."

Should Nicko and the boys decide to put their feet up and take a well-earned rest they could spend their days saving their gear from destruction in their new online game. Or they could carry on playing to tens of thousands of fans each night…

Rich Chamberlain

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