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Motley Crue - Is Tommy Lee in or out?

The rumour mill has been on overdrive of late with some parties claiming that Tommy Lee has left Motley Crue, whilst other maintain he is still in the band. According to Digital Spy, Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx has spoken out about the group's split with drummer Tommy Lee. Lee apparently departed the band in September after legal disputes with the group but issued a statement soon after denying that he left the band, stating that he hopes he can work any outstanding issues with the other members of the group. Apparently this is not the case...

Sixx told Digital Spy: "He's out of the band, that's just the way it is. Tommy Lee kept f**king around and I said, 'You know what dude, you've got to knock it off'. He said, 'I f**king quit.' I said, 'fine. I still love you but I don't have time for this'."

More news as we get it.