Mike Wengren: Disturbed bringing full production to UK



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Disturbed head up the monstrously huge Taste of Chaos tour this week. Ahead of the shows in Glasgow, Manchester and Nottingham (which also feature Papa Roach, Buckcherry and Halestorm), we found out what we can expect from the bill toppers.

Drummer Mike Wengren said: "We've never been able to 100% bring full production [to the UK]. We've always had to scale it down from a financial standpoint but we really feel adamant about it. We have a huge production on the US tour and we plan to bring 90 if not 100% of it out to Europe. We just feel our fans deserve it over there.

"A lot of fans in the US are spoilt to a degree. I don't think they appreciate it as much as the European fans do so it's time you guys get what you deserve and get the full bill. It's your time to see us like we want you to see us.

"I think we're learning from the European festivals. They're showing everyone else how it can be done. The economy has been tough and people have to pick and choose which concert to go to. It's the artist's responsibility to team up and give the fans the best package they can. With the European festivals you get so many bands on the bill for a great price."

Rich Chamberlain

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