INTERVIEW: Nick Augusto talks about life with Trivium

Back in February Trivium dropped the bombshell that Nick Augusto had replaced Travis Smith as the band´s drummer.

Rhythm caught up with Nick ahead of Trivium´s show in Bristol earlier this week to get the lowdown on replacing Travis, touring and what´s coming up for the band.

How did joining Trivium come about?

“I´ve known Paulo (Trivium bassist) for probably 15 plus years and he asked me one time to come out and tech for the band. I did that and after Travis couldn´t make a tour I filled in for him and pretty much just stayed in the band.”

How has the reaction from fans been?

“The reaction has been pretty much mostly positive. I´ve had lots of people come up saying they like the new song. The tour´s been awesome. It´s been my first time overseas and it´s definitely been cool.”

What kit are you using while you´re in the UK?

“I´m using a PDP kit that Trivium owns over here. It´s a nice kit. I just use a five piece. A small and practical set up, maybe just four cymbals, one kick drum and that´s it. Back in the States we have a DW kit that we use.”

How is the rest of 2010 looking for Trivium?

“We´re going home to start working on new stuff. We´ll probably be writing and practising for three or four months then we´re all going to rent out a house together. We´ll probably start that in August or something and it´ll taker a couple of months. Then we´ll be back touring.”