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Foo's guitarist ropes in Grohl and Hawkins for new album

Foo Fighters

' guitarist Chris Shiflett is using the Foo's current downtime to focus on his other project,

Jackson United

. The band's new album, Harmony And Dissidence, is in the can and should prove a real treat for us Grohl/Hawkins drumming fans.

In a recent interview Shiflett spoke about their involvement in the recording of the album: "They play drums between the two of them on the new record," Shiflett said. "They're both such ridiculous drummers that they just listen to the song and play it the right way and it's better than anything you could've thought of. There wasn't a whole lot of instruction involved."

Harmony And Dissidence is scheduled for release in the UK on 3 November and the band will play a number of UK tour dates to coincide with the release. Sadly neither Grohl or Hawkins will be part of the live band.

Chris Barnes

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