Drum for Franz Ferdinand!

Giving a whole new meaning to the term ‘art rock´, Glasgow´s most dapper indie gents, Franz Ferdinand, will be collaborating with London´s Hauser & Wirth art gallery for a forthcoming track - and they want you to drum on it!

Franz sticksman Paul Thompson has been working with artists Anri Sala on the track, entitled ‘Ulysses´, whose drum score is composed of random words taken from James Joyce´s novel of the same name. The track forms part of a wider exhibition, ‘A Second Look´.

So, how can you get involved? Well, between now and 22 December 2007, visitors to the art gallery will have the opportunity to create the drum track for the song - although rather than hearing the song, you have to read from the aforementioned drum score. But whoever said being a top artist was simple? After 22 December, visitors´ efforts will be used in a series of remixes of the track.
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