Drum companies help charity flash jams

Pearl drums has donated a drum kit and Paiste have given cymbals to the Streets Unplugged charity flash jam campaign which aims to raise money for a new Children's Heart Unit.

The flash jams will see impromptu music-making on a large scale slap bang in the middle of a number of UK cities in September and October.

The aim is to raise money for the Children's Heart Investigation Unit at the new Children's Hospital in Wales. Streets Unplugged are hoping for what they describe as "hoards of people sitting down or grabbing an instrument, banging on a tinlid, janglin' their keys, in an attempt to make something both unique and entertaining enough to get onlookers and players alike to put their hand in their pockets and get some money in the bucket".

The first flash jam will take place in Swansea on 27 September, followed by Cardiff on 28th, Newport on 29th, crossing over into England for a flash jam in Bristol on 30th and finally London on 1October.

Streets Unplugged -who describe themselves as "a couple of surfers from South Wales having a laugh" - recently took delivery of a Pearl Traveller kit to be at the rhythmic centre of the jams, while Korg provided some tasty Paiste metals to go with it.

The time and location of the flash jams is still a secret - hence the 'flash' part - so keep your eye on the Streets Unplugged website, Facebook and Twitter to find out where to go on each day. Then grab your sticks, get some friends to follow with their instruments and go and jam for a good cause.