Death metal drummer feeds 140 cats



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That's a hell of a headline, isn't it? Have a look below to see what the hell it's all about. Although it is surprisingly self-explanatory.

Donald Tardy, drummer for Obituary, looks after more than 140 feral cats, Tampa Bay Online reports.

Tardy said: "It's kind of wild when you think about it: This crazy metal dude who head bangs and plays death metal spends hours every day feeding and caring for wild cats.

"To think a cat could be out there hungry, suffering, it eats you up inside. I can't live with my mind at peace knowing that."

According to Tampa Bay Online there are around 200,000 feral cats in the Hillsborough County area of Florida in which the drummer is based.

Just as a reminder for you, here's what Tardy usually gets up to when he's not caring for stray kittens.

Rich Chamberlain

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