Babyshambles Drummer Goes Solo

Hot on the heels of Razorlight´s Andy Burrows´ solo project comes Roses Kings Castles, the new project from Babyshambles-drummer-cum-one-man-band Adam Ficek. Billed as “an all inclusive, care in the community, musical workshop of evolving ideas” with influences veering from the snug folkiness of Belle and Sebastian to the visionary pop of Syd Barrett, Roses Kings Castles is the result of Babyshamles downtime and Ficek´s desire to give his own songs and melodies a public platform.
Roses Kings Castles´ first single, ‘Sparkling Bootz', is available as a limited edition split 7” with Japanese artist Hideki Kaji, from Rough Trade, Pure Groove and Alphaville Records. To listen to the tracks and for more information on forthcoming releases and potential live dates visit Roses Kings Castles´ MySpace site.