Atom Willard joins Danko Jones for summer tour



© Paul Hebert/Icon SMI/Corbis

Atom Willard has joined Danko Jones. The Angels and Airwaves drummer replaces Ben Cornelius behind the kit for the retro rockers' summer tour.

Willard, who has also previously played for The Offspring and Rocket From The Crypt, has this to say about joining the band, "I have been a fan of this band and these songs for a long ass time, so when they asked if I could do it, and I could. I love rock and roll!"

Danko Jones mainman, er…Danko Jones added: "Both JC and I have been fans of Atom Willard for years. We own the records he's on and hell, we even wrote a song about his old band ['RIP RFTC' about Rocket From The Crypt]. Yes, we're ecstatic he's coming out with us."

Rich Chamberlain

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