Alter Bridge 'hoping' for Download

Alter bridge

Alter bridge

2010 has been a massive year for Alter Bridge, and 2011 looks like being just as huge. Drummer Scott Phillips and co plan on hitting the road throughout 2011, and they have a certain festival in their sights.

Scott said: "We finish this leg of the tour on 4 December in Italy, fly home and then we have a handful of shows. From mid-January up until mid-March Myles is going back out with Slash to support Ozzy Osbourne, which is gonna be really cool. I'm very excited for Myles to have that opportunity.

"When he finishes that we'll do an Alter Bridge run through the States and the plan is to come back to the UK for summer festivals. As many as we can be apart of. Download will definitely be on the roster. Well, we're hoping so. We don't get to choose it."

We recently checked out Scott's DW/Zildjian set-up, take a look for yourself here.

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