UltimateSoundBank UVI Electro Suite review

  • £149
UltimateSoundBank: pick any flavour you like, so long as it's Electro.

MusicRadar Verdict

In short, very impressive!


  • +

    Beautifully designed; excellent synths.


  • -

    Not much.

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Electro Suite runs within the powerful, included UVI Workstation engine (plug-in and standalone) and offers a set of five electro-orientated ROMplers.

This comprises a hybrid wavetable/analogue monosynth with step-sequencer, a two-oscillator polysynth, a drum machine (with afew analogue modelling synth elements), aloop player and a sweep generator.

The 4.5GB of samples behind the engine are up to USB's usual high standard: polished, beefy and genre-correct. Each instrument has its own custom interface, and everything is well-laid out.

The highlights for us are DrumShaper - particularly the kick drum section, which gives independent editing control over the attack, body and tail - and SweepMachine, which really is a one-stop shop for fully editable sweeps and risers.

The synths both sound awesome, too, and the only element we wouldn't particularly miss is the Mission Control construction kit loop player, which doesn't serve any real production purpose.

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