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Tascam Portastudio for iPad review

  • £1.99
  • $2.99
Portastudio for iPad is a fantastically retro app.

Our Verdict

Simple but strong.


  • Great retro feel.


  • Somewhat basic.

The Portastudio app from Tascam apes the lookand feel of Tascam's Porta One cassette-based four-track from 1984.

You get four tracks, each with High and Low EQ and Pan controls, and when you've finished recording, you can mix them down to a stereo file. It's wonderfully retro (the'cassette' squeals when you rewind) and simple to use.

Four tracks and no effects seemsrather basic in this day and age, but if a Tascam four-track wasgood enough for Bruce Springsteen to record Nebraska, it's certainly good enough for us to fumble around with.