Rogue Amoeba Audio Hijack 3 review

Practical recording for OS X musicians

  • $49
Audio Hijack 3 has a totally new look and a slick new modular workflow

MusicRadar Verdict

While there are other, cheaper ways to achieve much of the same functionality, Audio Hijack 3's self-contained power and convenience can't be denied.


  • +

    Easier to use. Useful presets. FLAC recording. 'Set and forget' recording.


  • -

    You'll need to spend $49 for a utility app, albeit a handy one.

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Audio Hijack Pro has long served as a handy tool for the OS X musician looking to capture audio from any app on their system - movie excerpts, YouTube, DVDs, videogame FX, Skype calls with record label lawyers, etc - in various formats, complete with Audio Units plugin support. But its interface has never made the process as easy as it could be.

"$49 may seem a lot to drop on what is ultimately a 'utility' app, but it does what it does exceptionally well"

Audio Hijack 3 represents a new beginning for Rogue Amoeba's venerable workhorse, with 'Pro' dropped from the name, a totally new look, a slick new modular workflow, task-orientated presets, multiple recorders per session, FLAC recording and more.

$49 may seem a lot to drop on what is ultimately a 'utility' app, but it does what it does exceptionally well. Perhaps our favourite role for it is as an 'arm-and-forget' recorder, running in the background constantly when we're making music and recording every noise the host Mac makes, including all those happy accidents.

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