Razer Mako 2.1 THX review

Are these the greatest computer speakers ever built?

  • £330

MusicRadar Verdict

Simply the best 2.1 system on the market. Is it worth £300? Only you can decide...


  • +

    Best 2.1 system ever. Powerful and crisp audio. They look great. Fantastic build quality


  • -

    The price. Require desktop space

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The Razer Mako 2.1 speaker set is absolutely phenomenal. Without a shadow of a doubt, it's the best looking and best sounding 2.1 desktop system we've ever come across.

And that's high praise indeed, because there are some pretty damn good PC speaker systems out there.

"Imagine the best orgasm you've ever had, multiply it by a thousand and you're still nowhere near it," - Irvine Welsh used that phrase to describe the pleasures of heroin.

But actually, he's got the Razer Mako speakers pretty much nailed, too.

The system comes packing a whopping 300W of total system power, so between the two satellite speakers and the weighty sub, it's an exceptionally potent set-up (the fantastic Acoustic Energy Aego M 2.1 set is only 90W). It also costs an eye-watering £300, so while you're getting a lot of bang for your buck, it's a hell of a lot of money to spend on a 2.1 system.

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