PSP Audioware PSP 608 MultiDelay review

PSP have served up yet another intriguing plug-in that lives up to their usual high standards

  • $149
The interface looks intimidating but is surprisingly straightforward.

MusicRadar Verdict

A superb, souped-up delay unit.


  • +

    Stable and powerful. Astonishing sound quality. Plenty of fantastic presets.


  • -

    The mock LCD display is daunting.

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PSP have acquired quite a reputation for producing sublime sounding plug-ins - for the PSP 608, they've taken one of their earlier ideas and applied all manner of turbo-charged enhancements.

The first thing you notice is the control panel - it looks very daunting. Fortunately, most of it´s broken down into eight strips - one for each delay tap - and you need only learn one to know the rest.

These strips are the key to accessing most of the functions, but in sections where more control is needed, global parameters are available (via the LCD-style display). This screen, though, is the only real negative - it displays so many parameters that it´s just too cluttered. The option to hide anything strip-related would've been good.

Also in the display window are the modulation controls. These enable you to fluctuate your signals, and there are also millisecond, note and sync controls for delay time. Alongside these are parameters for the tasty reverb section - this offers vintage spring and plate styles - while at the bottom is the master feedback, which enables the feedback and modulation to be applied globally.

Great sounds

If you´re still not impressed, it's worth taking into consideration that the reverb sounds fantastic and that the drive section produces the classic tape saturation sound you would expect from PSP algorithms. A huge preset collection also offers everything from the useful to the bizarre. In fact, the presets are so good that you´ll know almost everything the 608 is capable of before you even touch a parameter.

So PSP have done it again. They´ve taken a basic idea, made it sound beautiful and then pushed it just that bit further. The 608 is one of the best-sounding delays available, and no other plug-in so closely resembles a high-powered hardware delay unit.

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