Propellerhead Software Abbey Road Keyboards

  • £129
  • $229
Pianos, organs, Mellotrons and more!

Our Verdict

A great package for anyone interested in authentic retro sounds.


  • A chance to own some truly historical sounds!


  • Limited appeal.

We can't think of many studios that are sufficiently famous to inspire their own ReFill - in fact, Abbey Road is probably the only one that springs to mind.

Propellerhead's latest Reason 3 add-on is a sampled collection of some of the many keyboard instruments to have graced the legendary studio.

These include the Mrs Mills piano, a Challen studio piano, a Hammond RT-3/Leslie Model 122 combo, and even a Mellotron Model 400.

Recorded using classic mics and outboard gear, Abbey Road Keyboards is certainly a fascinating ReFill to explore.

These Combinator patches are bursting with character - far more so than many other sampled keyboards we've played - but before you invest, ask yourself how many of them you actually really need.

Abbey Road Keyboards is undeniably a nice thing to own, but not everyone will be able to find uses for all of its varied content.