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MusicRadar Verdict

A great way to sex up your mixdowns in just about any genre, from the most banging house choonz up to and including acoustic folk.


  • +

    Strong range of effects.


  • -

    Nothing really.

The '80s popularised a slew of then-futuristic digital effects that defined much of the music of the day, and one such processor was the stereo pitchshifter. Enter the ice-cool Polar.

One of the pitchshifter effect's most common uses is micro-shifting for widening and thickening, and this is the sound we know and love from countless '80s vocals, synths and guitars.

But there's much more to it than that. Users of Audio Damage's Discord 3 will know what to expect, with pitchshifted delays, crazy modulated pitchshifting and generally out-there and spooky effects being the order of the day.

Anybody working with acoustic sounds, vocals or synths should try this out. Polar offers a professional sheen and stereo widening that just wasn't possible in Reason before.

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