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Korg K61 review

A keyboard that goes wherever you go, but would you want it to?

  • £139
Ultimate portability, but at what cost?

MusicRadar Verdict

A nice idea, but the execution is a long way off.


  • +

    It's a roll up keyboard.


  • -

    Key sensitivity is truly awful. Sound is poor.

We did a double-take when we saw these roll-up keyboards at a trade show: could they possibly work?

Well, now we've tested one and the answer has to be: just about… but not very well. There are three version available and we tested the flagship 61-note version.

Unfortunately, its limitations are exposed the minute you turn it on. We can deal with the poor built-in sounds - it's the massively insensitive keyboard that we can't handle.

Even forming chords properly was difficult. We really wanted the K-61 to be good. However, although it's innovative and portable, it's practically unplayable.

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