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IceGear Mersenne review

IceGear proves looks can be deceiving

  • £7.99

Our Verdict

Mersenne's percussive focus sets it out from the rest and you shouldn't hesitate in downloading it now.


  • Intuitive workflow.


  • None.

Mersenne is a polyphonic melodic percussion synth, which may not look like your average FM synth, but boy is it fun and easy to use.

It's made up of three sound sources: Tone A, Tone B and Noise. The signal path can then be mixed into the Resonator for extra resonance and grit, then finally to the Effects, which feature Reverb, Delay, Chorus and a Filter.

The workflow is very intuitive and the results extremely satisfying. Dialling all the controls down to zero and starting from scratch, you can slowly build your sounds, starting with real glitchy, minimal pops, and opening up to some epic pads.

All your classic metallic FM tones are there, but with bags of character. IceGear has really struck gold with Mersenne in our book.