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Crane Stand Pro review

  • £149
The Crane Stand Pro: overengineered, or just rock-solid?

Our Verdict

If you want a lovely-looking stand that's built like a tank, here it is.


  • Sturdy and beautifully constructed.


  • Bit like using the proverbial sledgehammer to crack a nut…

Everyone loves hardwearing studio kit - but sometimes you can go too far.

Take the Crane Laptop Stand for example. It feels like it'd be most comfortable propping up an armoured car, while its intended role as 'something that holds a laptop off the desk' seems such a waste.

It's made of aluminium, beautifully matte painted and its simple stiff fixtures and fittings are military in specification. There's lots of macho visible welding and the ability to set an angle at two points mean that there are height, angle and reach options.

At full stretch your laptop will be 12" aloft and the large shelf lip and rubber bumpers mean that - short of a direct impact from a flailing clubber - it's going nowhere. The Crane is also strong enough to hold controllers, iPads, CDJs - though given the stand's choice of welds and use of gravity defying clamps, we'd resist putting anything too 'motif' on there.