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Big Fish Audio Groove Planet review

A drum and bass collection to rule the world?

  • £30
  • $49.95
The pack contains 22 construction kits.

MusicRadar Verdict

An affordable package, but it shows at times.


  • +

    Cheap. Bass parts are good quality.


  • -

    Samey kits. Uninspiring drum parts.

One of the flimsier sample libraries we've seen, Groove Planet limits itself to electric bass and funky drum loops.

The price tag may be low, but sadly, the 22 constructions kits are far too similar, so you certainly couldn't call this a good value collection.

The drum parts are uninspired and occasionally lack that distinctive funk tightness and it sounds as if just the one drum kit was used to record the whole CD.

The bass parts are generally of a higher calibre - and offer more variety - but they're not enough to save this package from mediocrity.

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