Audio Technica ATH-M50 review

  • £100

Our Verdict

It's difficult to describe how good these headphones are in the small space here, but they are definitely worth a test.


  • Sound great for audio listening, as well as project work.


  • Can experience slight discomfort after long listening sessions.

Chosing a new set of closedback headphones has never been without its problems. I know, I've had my fair share of blistering cartilage burns or near-deaf experiences when working with unfamiliar cans. But you know you've chosen wisely when a set of monitoring headphones can clasp your head comfortably without forcing your skull into possible collapse (or without sliding off like butter), and then make a sound that makes you feel like you're actually sat within the mix.

These headphones are Audio-Technica's answer to discrete professional studio production, but even for music listening purposes they bring out the strength in any audio and can can also pick out the bad sectors of a project too. If I've experienced a better pair of headphones, then I've probably left that memory far behind, or they were just too far out of my price range. Sure, they can nag at the top of your head after an hour or so, but what pair wouldn't? As an extra incentive for you to buy them, they even come with a carry bag and a gold-plated, quarterinch jack adapter. If you're in the market for 'phones we implore you to try these.