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Asus X58C review

Excellent build quality and comfort on offer from this great budget machine

Our Verdict

As long as you don't tend to multi-task when using your laptop then this could be an affordable upgrade


  • 802.11n Wi-Fi. Decent sized hard drive


  • Poor graphics card. Struggles when multi-tasking

The Asus X range is aimed at those on a budget, and the X58C represents great value for money. The most surprising aspect of this machine is the quality on offer, putting far more expensive laptops to shame. The plastics used are more than tough enough for daily use, and the patterned chequered finish manages to be both attractive and hard wearing for most daily use.

The keyboard offers keys that are firmly attached and they move with a reassuringly solid feel. The touchpad is also accurate and responsive to the touch, and a scrollbar on the right-hand side makes it easy to navigate up and down through web pages and office documents.

The 2.8kg weight offers a degree of portability, but the 140-minute battery life under varied use means this machine will be of no use on longer journeys.

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