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AKG K181 DJ UE Headphones review

DJ cans from AKG

  • £99

Our Verdict

They won't be to everyone's taste, but these are an admirable set of DJ headphones at a good price.


  • Great price. Impressive frequency range.


  • Uncomfortable to wear for long periods.

With their latest set of DJ cans, AKG is clearly looking to ape the lightweight malleability that has made Sennheiser's HD25s so ubiquitous behind the decks over the years.

They're a set of headphones aimed squarely at the type of DJ who likes to keep their 'phones around their neck and occasionally lift a cup to their ear to check the mix.

Frankly, the K181s are plain uncomfortable to keep on your head for long periods of time, but their light and flexible build makes it super easy to prop them up on your shoulder, and the 'mono' switch is definitely handy for beat-matching.

The frequency range is impressive for a set of DJ headphones, and the general sound quality is very good. There's a bass boost option too, although personally we find this just muddies things when you're trying to mix. On the downside, their lightweight build makes them feel less sturdy than some of their bulkier rivals.