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Can anybody become a singer? According to Singeo… yes!

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MusicRadar Verdict

Singeo contains a wealth of well-structured singing tuition resources for complete beginners and more experienced vocalists for a low monthly price.


  • +

    Well populated with high quality content

  • +

    User-friendly navigation

  • +



  • -

    Very specific teaching style

  • -

    Sing-along videos essentially karaoke?

  • -

    Requires self discipline

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Singeo review: What is it?

For the purposes of conducting this review, we were granted full access to the Singeo platform.

In August 2021, online singing lessons platform Singeo was added to the ever growing social learning community known as Musora, which hosts a variety of online music lesson platforms including Guitareo, Pianote and Drumeo.

At a glance

Key features: Regular content updates, live tuition, XP points as incentive, 90-day money back guarantee

Cost: $15 per month, $127 per year, $297 lifetime membership

Free trial: 7 days

Contact: Singeo

Singeo’s primary focus is teaching people how to sing, and is comprised of a variety of video lessons, tips, warm-ups, exercises and more. Posting your singing recordings/videos may be a rather daunting experience for your average person, but the thriving student progress forum provides an incredibly safe and supportive space for users to contribute constructive feedback. It also adds a personalised feel to a platform that would otherwise lack the ‘human touch’ of a personal vocal coach.

If we’re comparing the online vocal lessons platform with paying a professional vocal coach for 1-1 lessons, then the platform would obviously lose marks for being yet another easily cancellable, easily ignorable hobby that’s started in good faith then neglected after a few weeks. It’s difficult to compare a premium 1-1 in-person service with a human that you develop a connection with, to an online platform.

But if we’re comparing it with attempting to learn how to sing yourself, researching blogs, watching YouTube videos and hunting for the best information on your own, then Singeo is absolutely invaluable for aspiring vocalists. If nothing else, it’s a great platform for vocalists to access easy to follow tips and tricks, whilst also being a networking tool with a strong sense of community.

Singeo review: Performance & verdict

The lessons, which form the bulk of the content, are very well structured and enable users to easily determine which sessions they have completed and which they are yet to tick off.

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You not only gain knowledge of different vocal techniques, breathing, control and other important elements that make up a singer’s skill set, you are able to gain an insight into your own vocal type too. The videos themselves are relatively short in length, so help keep your attention. Singeo also does a great job of combining interactive lessons with tip videos - one day you could be partaking in a live Q&A with one of their many tutors, and the next you might not feel like singing so you could just sit back and watch some informative content.

Lisa Witt, the main vocal coach you’ll observe on the content that populates the site, appears to be super fun, friendly and personable. She draws you in and keeps you engaged with her quirky and authentic approach to vocal tuition. She’s clearly comfortable and confident in front of a camera and she’s clear and concise in the way she delivers content without being patronising.

This sets the platform up to be great for everyone from total beginners who are learning for the first time, to seasoned vocalists who’re just looking to brush up on their warm-up skills. You could argue though that her approach isn’t for everyone, as some of the tasks can feel a little cringe-worthy - one of the first tasks you're given is singing Happy Birthday along with Lisa. It makes sense that it's a universal song that everyone knows, but you'd be forgiven for feeling a bit awkward whilst doing it - but, ultimately, the videos have high production value, are super interactive, and encourage you to try new things.

There’s a sing-along section of the website that, whilst hosting hundreds of videos, was a little disappointing as most of the videos seemed to be low budget karaoke videos from YouTube. Also, there are apps and software that exist that enable you to sing into your phone/microphone which determine whether you’re singing the right note or not – I feel like Singeo have missed a trick by not adding this as a feature alongside the singalong/karaoke portions of their website as this could be invaluable for beginners who are training their ear.

Singeo is a great platform if you’re seeking feedback from other vocalists and coaches on a multitude of aspects of your singing/performance. Not only do Singeo provide the platform for singers and coaches to critique each other’s content, Singeo as a platform have openly stated that they wish to be notified if a member has feedback or suggestions for different lessons/courses for their site.

This level of open critique and feedback is unusually high for a site like this, which is really refreshing as a user. There’s even a section where you can just have a chat with each other about things that aren’t music related, which really gives the platform a unique sense of community and enables users to form friendships. It really is like a social networking site for vocalists.

Singeo review: Specifications

  • Key features: Regular content updates, live tuition, XP points as incentive, 90-day money back guarantee
  • Cost: $15 per month, $127 per year, $297 lifetime membership
  • Free trial: 7 days
  • Contact: Singeo
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