“A wave-folding module destined for success, as it sounds immense”: Noise Lab Wrinkler mk2 review

Can this module “fold, wrap and bend” to our whim?

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Noise Labs Wrinkler mk2
(Image: © Noise Labs)

MusicRadar Verdict

For those hoping to explore more of a West Coast vibe, adding harmonic complexity to their basic oscillator output, look no further.


  • +

    Great build quality.

  • +

    Lots of tone-shaping opportunities.

  • +

    DC-coupled so can be used to shape CV.


  • -

    Feedback knob can be obscured by patch cables.

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Noise Lab Wrinkler mk2: What is it?

The relatively new Eurorack company, Noise Lab, has already established itself as a developer of excellent-quality modules. The original Wrinkler is a fantastic module but, not one to rest, Noise Lab has released an updated mk2 version, which offers a lot of extra tone-shaping tools.

The 12hp module is only 26mm deep and draws 41Ma +12V and 42Ma -12V, so it’s suitable for almost any case out there. Everything is solid and confidence-inspiring and pots and switches have a pleasing level of resistance and engagement.

Wrinkler mk2 is a wavefolder, much like those from the Buchla West Coast camp, but with a few extra treats for the sound designer. It takes an incoming signal from your VCO and processes it to increase harmonic content. There are many modules that do this but Noise Lab has managed to develop something that sounds a bit special, while offering options you don’t often see. 

Noise Lab Wrinkler mk2: Performance and verdict

The basics of Wrinkler act as you might guess, taking that incoming signal and, with a twist of the dominant fold knob, adding increasing levels of complexity to the output wave shape. That in itself is a powerful and fun sonic tool, especially when modulated. This gives a lovely sense of movement and evolution to your sound. Wrinkler does this very well and very controllably, with different modes, depending on what you want to achieve. On top of the mode options is a symmetry control that allows you to define where on the original wave shape the folding happens. This is also CV-controllable (all CVs have attenuverters, for dialling precise parameters) and is one of the key controls for producing the gorgeous tones this module is capable of.

Some modes have a strong effect on the output of Wrinkler but there is a gain control to counter this and you can use it as a VCA, always a perk when a module allows for this.

One aspect of Wrinkler is its ability to fold square waves and this makes it a wave-folding module destined for success, as it sounds immense. Dialling in a tone is a doddle. The fascia may not be littered with dozens of controls and patchpoints but what it does have is so well-implemented and thoughtfully laid out, that it’s easy to see what you’re doing. Adjustments are simple to apply but have a huge palette of consequences, making this a must-have for the sound designer.

You can even get Wrinkler to sound somewhat like a super saw, using the feedback knob. This is dependent on the incoming signal of course, but it offers another level of versatility, which is welcome.

MusicRadar verdict: For those hoping to explore more of a West Coast vibe, adding harmonic complexity to their basic oscillator output, look no further.

Noise Lab Wrinkler mk2: Specifications

  • KEY FEATURES: Multi-mode waveshaping, Capable of folding square waves, CV controllable, Ring modulation.
  • CONTACT: Noise Lab